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There are currently seven regional committees, which have been established for the functional areas of Education &Joint Seminar, Membership, Technical, Taxation, Publicity and Public Sector Financial Management.

The mandate of the Education & Joint Seminars Committee is to develop, in collaboration with Member Institutes, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) initiatives aimed at broadening the continuing professional development of members within the region. The Committee also exists to facilitate and encourage the provision of training and development opportunities in collaboration with accredited regional and international bodies and to assist Member Institutes with the implementation/ adoption of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) SMO 2 International Education Standards as revised in 2012. Click here for the Education & Joint Seminars Committee Policy Manual.
The Information and Communication Technology Committee was established in 2014 to develop a strategy for the management and sharing of information between ICAC and its stakeholders and to monitor the implementation of major ICT investment project, and report on the performance of this project to the ICAC Board of Directors as required. The Committee also seeks to monitor benefits arising from ICT investments and ensure full optimization. Click here for ICAC ICT Committee Terms of Reference

The objectives of the Membership Committee include to:

  • assist with broadening membership by identifying new and existing professional accountancy organisations within the Caribbean that are not represented within the ICAC grouping and encouraging these bodies to join the ICAC grouping;.
  • ensure the harmonisation of entry requirements for membership as well as rules of professional conduct among ICAC member bodies (national accountancy institutes);
  • proactively assist with and support the ongoing development of its member bodies;
  • promote opportunities for members of the accountancy profession to participate for mutual and fraternal benefit; and
  • encourage opportunities for collaboration and the sharing of resources and ideas, technical expertise, and best practices among ICAC member bodies.

Click here for ICAC Membership Committee Manual

In accordance with the ICAC’s Strategic Plan, the mandate of the Publicity Committee is to assist with building the reputation of the ICAC through the implementation of initiatives to promote and increase recognition/awareness of the ICAC regionally and internationally. Click here for ICAC Publicity Committee Terms of Reference
The Public Sector Financial Management Committee was established in June 2016 with a mandate to support the ICAC’s strategic goal to promote IPSAS and its benefits in enhancing effective public sector financial management and accountability in the Caribbean region. The Committee’s objectives include to support IFAC and IPSASB in promoting the adoption and implementation of IPSAS by regional governments and to engage governments, the accountancy profession, and other key stakeholder groups across the region with a view to promoting improved public sector accounting and public financial reporting reform. The Committee also exist to support the efforts of member bodies in the region in promoting the importance, value, and benefits of high-quality public sector financial management within their respective jurisdiction. Click here for ICAC Public Sector Financial Management Committee Terms of Reference
The objective of the Taxation Committee is to consider, review and present recommendations on matters of taxation and fiscal policies relevant to the regional accountancy profession, including: changes in international and regional tax administration policies that impact the Caribbean: Double Taxation Treaties and all other regional and international agreements on taxation. The committee also seeks to facilitate discussions, exchange of ideas and experiences on tax related matters affecting the region. Click here for ICAC Regional Taxation Committee Manual
The Technical Committee seeks to encourage the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and the harmonization of internationally acceptable standards within regional. The Committee also responsibility for overseeing the establishment of a regional practice monitoring programme to enhance the capacity of the accountancy profession and ensure the existence of efficient quality assurance review systems within the region. Click here for ICAC Regional Technical Committee
The Finance Sub-committee was established to examine and identify funding for the long-term sustainability of the ICAC and to support the implementation of the programmes and strategic objectives of the ICAC.
The Governance Taskforce has been delegated the responsibility to review the existing Memorandum and Articles of Association of the ICAC in order to identify any weakness in the structure of the organization and make recommendations for amendments to the Board. Click here for ICAC Governance Taskforce Terms of Reference
The Regional Monitoring Sub-committee has been tasked with the responsibility to oversee the administration of a regional practice monitoring programme which is intended to enhance the capacity of the accountancy profession and ensure the existence of efficient quality assurance review systems in the Caribbean. Click here for ICAC Regional Monitoring

The regional committees and their coordinating Institutes/Chairpersons for the 2016-2017 period are:

#Regional CommitteeMember InstituteChair
1 Education & Joint Seminar Bahamas Jasmine Davis
2 Information & Communication Technology Belize Shawn Mahler
3 Membership Barbados Lisa Padmore
4 Publicity Jamaica Marlene McIntosh
5 Public Sector Financial Management Eastern Caribbean Andrea St. Rose
6 Taxation Guyana Harryram Parmeasar
7 Technical Trinidad & Tobago Dwayne Rodriguez-Seijas

ICAC Regional Committees and Terms of Reference

The regional committees of the ICAC were established to facilitate the implementation of the Institute’s strategic goals and objectives and in an effort to ensure broad-based representation and participation, each member body (national institutes) is invited to nominate a representative to serve on the ICAC regional committees. For a complete list of ICAC Committees and Representatives... ICAC REGIONAL COMMITTEES & TASKFORCE - 2017-2018